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LumiPets All-Stars Pack

Step into the world of LumiPet enchantment with our best-selling Nightlight bundle, specially curated for wholesale. This bundle features the most popular LumiPet characters: the Bear, Unicorn, Puppy, Cat, and Bunny.

These captivating and versatile nightlights have captured the hearts of customers worldwide, making them an excellent addition to any retail collection. Each LumiPet exudes a unique charm, appealing to a diverse range of preferences and personalities.

Whether it's the comforting embrace of the Bear, the whimsical magic of the Unicorn, the playful energy of the Puppy, the mysterious allure of the Cat, or the sweet serenity of the Bunny, this bundle has something for every customer.

Designed with top-notch craftsmanship and innovative features like multiple color options and built-in timers, the LumiPet Nightlight bundle guarantees customer satisfaction and peaceful nights for all ages. Embrace the magic of LumiPet and let their glow illuminate your wholesale success!

Includes 6 of each character. 

In each box: LumiPet, remote, charging cable, and manual.