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General Questions

Yes, all of our products are available on

Yes we do ship bulk orders, please contact us for more information.

We don't compromise on quality and stand by our products 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with one of our creations, simply contact us anytime and we will do our best to resolve your concern.


The LumiPet will last between 12-20 hours, depending on which mode is in use.

The LumiPet is made out of a safe, nonhazardous (ABS) silicone allowing it to be washable.

Absolutely!  The first setting provides a soft-light glow that lights up the room without having to worry about waking up your partner.

Yes! All of our products are dishwasher safe, just remove the base module from the silicone before putting it through the dishwasher.

Directly on our site or on

You can find our instruction manual at:

Yes! LumiPets can be used while they are charging.


You can lightly tap the alarm clock to switch between cute faces and funny sounds!

You can use the micro USB cord that came with your LumiClock or any other micro USB cord

Yes, both versions of LumiClocks can be used as an alarm and a mini night-light.