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A New Approach to Learning

October 04, 2019 1 min read

A New Approach to Learning

Our mission began with striving to keep the monsters away at night. While we still strive to keep the monsters away, we can focus now on the joy LumiPets can bring while learning. 

Colors are often used in classrooms to identify how a child is feeling, their behavior, groups that they may be in, and more! Teachers love having LumiPets as part of their classroom community...and students do too! 

LumiPets can help your child learn their colors in a new, fun way! With 9 changing colors and a remote control option, LumiPets can be incorporated in any color activity. 

With the high-quality silicone, LumiPets are made of, you can also use dry-erase markers to decorate or write on your LumiPets! It wipes right off after any coloring activity.

Color sorting is another big focus, especially in the early years of learning. LumiPets can make color sorting a breeze! You will need more than one LumiPet for this, but who wouldn’t want more than one?!  

LumiPets have been joining classrooms around the country to become the ultimate learning companion. Whether students are reading to their LumiPet, learning and sorting colors, or using LumiPets to express their feelings, students everywhere are falling in love with LumiPets!