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LumiSplash Glowing Bath Toys - 3 Pack

  • Interactive Tapping Control: Elevate bath time fun with our innovative light-up bath toys featuring cutting-edge tapping control. Your child can easily activate the enchanting LED lights by simply tapping on the rubber animals, adding a delightful interactive element to their bathing experience.


  • Engaging Sensory Play: Encourage sensory exploration as your child taps and discovers the magical light effects in the water. The interactive play stimulates their senses, promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development while making bath time an engaging and enjoyable activity.


  • Variety of Colors and Patterns: Each tap unleashes a burst of colorful lights, creating a mesmerizing display in the bathwater. With a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, our light-up bath toys provide endless entertainment, captivating your child's attention and sparking their imagination.


  • Child-Safe Materials: Crafted from child-friendly, non-toxic materials, our rubber animal bath toys ensure a safe play environment for your little one. The soft and durable design makes them perfect for both play and comfort during bath time, offering peace of mind for parents.


  • Easy to Use and Maintain: The intuitive tapping control mechanism makes these bath toys user-friendly for children of various ages. Additionally, the sealed design prevents water from entering, ensuring longevity and making cleaning a breeze. Keep bath time hassle-free and enjoyable with our easy-to-maintain light-up toys.


  • Educational and Playful: Combine learning and play by incorporating these tapping-controlled bath toys into your child's routine. Use them to introduce concepts like cause and effect, colors, and patterns, making bath time an opportunity for educational exploration and creative expression.