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Why Kids Need Bedtime Stories

June 04, 2019 2 min read

Why Kids Need Bedtime Stories

For some children, storytime is the best part of their day. Who can blame them? Stories are the best, especially children’s stories! However, with crazy work days, homework, cleaning the house, and everything in between, sometimes story time may get swept under the rug when it comes to bedtime routines. We are here to tell you the benefits of bedtime stories and why you should always take a few minutes to incorporate them!

Storytime Strengthens your Relationship with your Child

Storytime is a special time for children. They get cuddles, you get cuddles, and everyone is happy! It allows for a few minutes each day for you and your child to bond, without everyday worries. Plus, bedtime stories will become an anticipated event each day for your little one.

It Sets the Mood for Bedtime

Bedtime stories are very calming for most children and helps them wind down after a long day of play. Reading stories each night can help aid the transition from playtime to bedtime. Giving your child that small wind down time can help their bedtime routine go a little smoother.

Create Cherished Moments

If you have several children at home, reading a bedtime story with them separately can help them feel special. This allows them to get their own alone time with you without competing for your attention. Chances are, they will cherish those moments that they had with you all to themselves every night!

Set Them Up For Success

In addition to the significant bonding benefits of bedtime stories, studies also show that they make children smarter! When we interact with our children verbally, they learn more than we know. Reading stories also sets the stage for a lifelong love of reading! Stories help them build connections, enhance their vocabulary, and improve their communication skills!

Sparks Imagination

An imagination of a child has no limits. Reading to them can help their imagination flow, unlocking creativity and exploration. With so many visual stimulants in our world today, sparking imagination through books is more important than ever!

While these are just a few reasons storytime is the best, there are many more! Bedtime stories are beneficial to children of any age. Add reading to your bedtime routine, bond, snuggle, and cherish those sweet moments with your little one while helping their imagination grow!