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Mastering Sleep

May 10, 2019 2 min read

Mastering Sleep

So, you’ve brought your new baby home. Now what? For 9 months you’ve been warned about baby sleep habits, and now it is reality. Unfortunately, there is no one way to help our littles sleep through the night. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, our babies begin to like different things! Mastering the art of sleeping, or the art of babies at all for that matter, is no easy task.

Nighttime is Party Time

For some reason, some babies think nighttime is the time to party! If you are a mom, you know that sleep deprivation is real. It creeps up on you after so many nights of “partying.” If you have a party animal baby, I am sure you can relate to late night feeding sessions that lead to Amazon shopping, looking for something that will help baby sleep easier at night to let you get some much needed rest.

Introducing Sound Soothers

baby in crib looking up at sound soother

At LumieWorld, we have created a technologically advanced baby sound soother. The best part about it is that it has a CRY SENSOR! The new cry sensing technology turns on the sound soother with every cry (the best gift to tired moms EVER.)

We understand the struggle of long nights so these plush sound soothers were developed to help soothe baby during the night, to give sleep deprived moms a much needed break. It also comes with colorful, fun star projection for pure baby fascination.

Along with it’s cry sensing abilities and star projection, sound soothers also come with a variety of musical melodies and white noises that activate with the cry sensor too! Babies love our plush design and it can grow with them! Sound Soothers feature secure crib straps to keep baby safe and are rechargeable and portable. These features really come in handy for traveling or napping anywhere outside of your home. A little piece of portable comfort.

Support Baby

child sleeping with sound soother

We all want our littles to be supported in any way that they can throughout their journey in their new, big world. Supporting your baby with calming sounds and lights could help baby adjust to new nighttime routines with ease. If they are left to sleep in a dark room, odds are that baby will not be very accepting of their new environment.

Create a comforting atmosphere to help encourage healthy sleep habits and help baby feel secure. Their sleep environment could set the stage for their first year of sleep habits!


Support Mom Too

Our babies are our reason for living, but make sure that you take care of yourself too! We develop our products to help you by striving to support your child with comfort and security. Find what works for your baby and try new things! Moms need breaks too.

Hang in there moms, you’re doing great!