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Foods that Promote Sleep (and foods to avoid)

July 09, 2019 2 min read

Foods that Promote Sleep (and foods to avoid)

Ah, to sleep like a baby, right? Only to find the irony in the phrase when baby doesn’t sleep through the night! Did you know that the foods your child eats can actually affect how they sleep? Mind-blown. Obviously, your child shouldn’t have candy or sugary treats close to bedtime, but other foods you never suspected can be the culprit.










Dairy Products

The amino acid found in milk actually induces our bodies to produce serotonin, a chemical we produce to make us feel sleepy. Try a warm glass of milk or a yogurt an hour before bedtime to help your child wind down for the night. 


Don’t go bananas, just eat one! Scientists have found that bananas contain serotonin and melatonin, which encourages healthy sleep cycles and helps you feel calm. If your child gets tired of plain ole bananas, try making a banana smoothie with milk! The two ingredients will work together to prepare for bedtime. 


For a high serving of melatonin and extra calming, serve your child some oatmeal before bed. This could help them feel full and sleep blissfully through the night!  


Avoid sugary snacks in the afternoon as much as you can. After sugary snacks, our child’s bodies have a sugar high, followed by a fall. In order for our bodies to stabilize blood sugar levels after a sugary snack, we release adrenaline, a stress hormone that is likely to wake your child up during the night. 










Surprising Culprits

Broccoli and Cauliflower are two of the most shocking no-no’s on the list. Although they are very healthy, they are best for daytime meals. Our bodies digest them very slowly and if your little’s bodies are still working while they are sleeping, they are more likely to awaken during the night. Red meat, greasy foods, and over salty foods also cause slow digestion. 

Help your child get a good night’s sleep by adjusting their diet a bit with sleep-promoting foods! These foods can work for adults, too! Serotonin and melatonin are wonderful tools, because, who doesn’t need to de-stress and get more sleep, right?